I am self-taught with the good fortune to have great mentors along the way in both photography and painting, so many styles of art.

PJQandFriends has many publications, most recent, 5 Winery Magazines and 1 Wildlife (Birds & Blooms) in 2017.

The first publication in 2009 was an international magazine featuring thoroughbred race horses.  

I am  proud to have been the official photographer for the annual Athens Harvest Festival in Albany, Ohio.


And honored to have been a featured photographer for Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival from 2010 to 2018, Ohio.

PJQandFriends ....... always more to come, always.

PJQ painting is a work in progress! An abstract style has formed and my favorite is mixed media.

Paula J Quatkemeyer

Born in Dent, Ohio

Lives & works in Dent, Ohio


I love photography in all forms, styles, subjects and matters. Wildlife is a favorite especially since my back yard is full of birds, fox, deer and more.  And music! 

PJQandFriends began in 2009 as a forum for our 'Friends' to share their photography.

I am also a volunteer bottler at local Henke Winery, voted a Top Ten Urban Winery in the USA. I photograph bottling sessions as well as pouring and tasting events. The Winery, also a full service restaurant, has (40+) 20x30 PJQandFriends photo composites hanging on the walls throughout, thanks to Joe Henke, Winemaker and Friend, extraordinaire.